M&E and HVAC

The skills of our office of special technical studies

Our design consultant company offers you the skills of our engineers special techniques in the field of HVAC , piping , electricity and sustainable development. Discover all that we can bring to best fit your industrial, hospital or residential building.

All special building techniques

Besides the construction of the building structure and the study related thereto (feasibility study , stability study ...), the GEI engineers offer also their expertise in the special techniques sector as M&E, HVAC, Fire detection and Firefighting, . Several disciplines are part of our know-how . You can call on our teams for one of its disciplines or for all of those required by your work.

Electricity and instrumentation

This is all the design work of electrical networks and their instrumentation to match them to the desired use. The continuity of the power supply and the automation of it in a production area, an industrial building, a hospital or a laboratory is crucial for their proper functioning.

HVAC - Piping - Plumbing

The HVAC domain is perfectly managed by our design consultant company located in Brussels . Consult us for :

  • The design of fluid networks (water and medical and special fluids) and aeraulic
  • The implementation of automatic regulation techniques to manage all the physical parameters related to the comfort and the process in your building.

Our experience in special techniques related to the hospital field , and especially rooms with controlled atmosphere. (Operating rooms, clean rooms, isolation room , ... ), make our design & consulting company a reference in the matter.

We carry out all the calculations related to the electrical distribution, to the heat contributions and losses, to the natural and artificial lighting and to the dimensioning of equipment (piping, valves, air ducts , ... ) to the piping and to the faucets of any new or renovated building. Count on our experience in industrial construction including gas processing plants as well as in pharmaceutical laboratories for special gas distribution, pressure management, and evacuation.


Our teams can design and study the construction of an industrial process related to your plant or production area. From a simple abstract idea or an already well-established plan, we bring our know-how to improve or design a production process. We work in particular for glass, gas, oil, steel, recycling, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Do not hesitate to entrust us with the construction of a production line or a manufacturing tool, our engineers do not lack innovative and effective ideas !

Special techniques related to sustainable development

We develop all of our skills described above with a common concern : sustainable development. Saving energy is at the heart of our achievements, here are some examples :

1) The building envelope

  • Composition of the walls : In order to reduce the losses of energy by the walls, we can increase the thickness of the insulations (roofs, external walls, ...) or improve their thermal performances.
  • Solar protection : We recommend reducing the risk of overheating in the premises in a passive approach via cooling without energy consumption.

2) Heating installations

  • Condensing boiler : In order to recover the heat contained in the burned gases, we propose the installation of condensing boiler equipped with a modulating burner and to work with a network of water at low temperature.
  • Heat pump : Advantageous both economically and ecologically, we can calculate the duration of the return on investment of a geothermal heat pump (horizontal plies or vertical probes).
  • Hot water solar panels : The preheating of domestic hot water can be considered by placing solar thermal panels.
  • Insulation of the circuits : We propose to provide insulation for the entire hot water network via pipes and fittings.
  • Partitioning circuits : According to the different features present in the building, we plan to partition the distribution of hot water to users.
  • Automatic regulation : We propose a digital regulation with time programming and integration / modulation according to the external climatic conditions.
  • Energy metering : We are planning the implementation of a complete energy metering system (gas, hot water, cold water for domestic hot water production, ...).

3) Ventilation systems

  • Intensive natural ventilation: Intensive natural ventilation is a purely free strategy since it suffices, in manual management mode, to open the windows to make a draft between the inside and the outside of the building. The flowing through ventilation can be horizontal or vertical.
  • Canadian well : This solution can be considered for passing the outside air injected into the building through a network of pipes buried at a depth of 2 meters. This system makes it possible to preheat the outside air in winter and to cool it in summer.
  • Dual flow mechanical ventilation : In order to ensure a healthy environment for the occupants, we plan a hygienic double flow ventilation (impulse and extraction) and the placement of a heat recovery unit on the extracted air, generating a saving of energy varying from 50 to 85% depending on the type of recovery tool (plates, heat pipe, wheel ...).
  • Intensive mechanical ventilation : We propose when the external climatic conditions allow it ( t ° ext < t ° int ) to put in operation the mechanical ventilation in order to fight the risks of overheating while taking advantage of the free frigories contained in the outside air.

4) Electrical installations

  • Lighting devices : We recommend the installation of lighting fixtures with low energy consumption lamps (PL lamp, TL5 tube, LEDS ...) and high performance electronic ballasts.
  • Lighting Control: We plan to associate the lighting control command system with the presence or absence detection, and natural light in the premises.
  • Photovoltaic panels : We plan to calculate the return on investment generated by the installation of photovoltaic panels to produce some of the electrical energy consumed, taking into account the possible granting of premiums and tax reductions.

5) Recovery of rainwater

We recommend the installation of a rainwater recovery tank to use these for the supply of sanitary equipment (WC and urinal) and the maintenance of the surroundings of the building.

Interested in our experience ? Do not hesitate to consult our references , and to contact us for a first appointment in our design consultant company in Brussels.

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