Design & engineering

Our design and engineering department

GEI makes its architects and designers available to you to draw the sketches of your project or more complete plans and drawings.

Your idea on paper

If you have used the services of our design consultant company specialized in construction for a feasibility study and / or a stability study, the next step is logically the translation of your project and design calculations, that is to say in drawings and technical prescriptions. We submit these first 2D or 3D drawings using the BIM and wait for your comments and corrections, in order to make the necessary adjustments.

Drawings and final documents

Once the first designs are validated, we move on to the next stage, which is engineering. Our engineers strive to produce accurate plans and all the documents needed to build the building, structure or tool.

These are the execution documents that will be given to the company that will take care of the actual construction.

These documents will also be useful if you are considering a call for tenders, with or without our support.

A benchmark design consulting company in Brussels

Since 1987 , GEI has managed to make himself a reputation in Belgium and internationally as an innovative and efficient design consultant company. We have worked with many companies active in very different sectors such as iron and steel, hospital field, petrochemical, food processing and trade, such as witness our numerous references.

Call us immediately for an initial interview to take stock of your project, whatever its stage.

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